My name is Matt Layman. I live in Maryland in the US with my lovely wife. I work for a big company doing software development for large contracts using Perl, JavaScript, C#, etc. In my spare time at home, I work on the Entertainer Media Center as a tester and developer. Entertainer has sparked my interest in Python and open source development, and those subjects are what I intend to blog about. My hope is to share my experiences about software and document how I’ve grown along the way.

Of course, as I grow in this development culture, terminology is bound to creep into my vocabulary that wasn’t there when I started this great adventure. We’re all new to things at some point in our lives. My advice is simple: don’t be afraid of your “newness.”

If you have a question about something I’ve written that you don’t understand, please ask me by sending me a comment. I want to live up to my namesake and keep this blog understandable to everyone, and the only way to continue that is to have an open conversation when my terminology can dive into the great unknown. I’m not an RTFM (that’s “Read The Freaking Manual”, stated politely) guy who will say “Go Google It”, and I think everyone deserves the chance to learn something new and get some explanation when they are confused.

Note:  I will tend to use commands that can be executed on a terminal. These commands will come in the form of `some command to execute here`. I use the backtick characters to denote that anything inside the backticks should be executed at the terminal prompt.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy what I post.