Edit: These instructions are really dated and 0.1 is not supported any more. If you came here looking for information on installing Entertainer, please check Installing Entertainer 0.3 or visit Entertainer’s Launchpad site.

Only two bugs that we (the Entertainer developers) targeted for our 0.1 milestone missed the release deadline. Unfortunately, both of these missed bugs (Bug 232365 ‘provide a PPA respository for hardy’ and Bug 236271 ‘Need a simple pdf guide for new users’) have fairly big consequences for people who are trying to get Entertainer up and running for the first time.

Since the whole reason we released early was to get some good testers and users, this is a notable failing on our part. Sorry. We don’t want to leave anyone out, so here are some basic steps to get started.

1. Get all the required dependencies (these are supporting code libraries that help make Entertainer work). You can use the list at our old Google Code page. Please ask us on IRC (irc.freenode.net #entertainer) if you seem to be missing something. This problem will be rectified when we have a package that users can install (so that the dependencies will automatically be grabbed).

2. Get the release and extract the compressed file. You can use graphical tools (e.g., right click the file in Ubuntu and select Extract) or practice your command line foo (e.g., `matt@zion:~/Desktop/$ tar -xvzf entertainer-0.1.tar.gz`)

3. Point to your media with the content management tool. In a terminal window, from within the src directory of the release that you just extracted, execute `./entertainer-content-management.py`.

4. Start the backend, which will index all your selected media directories, from within the src directory by executing `./entertainer-backend.py`.

5. Start the frontend (the whole reason you went through these instructions) by executing `./entertainer-frontend.py`.

6. Report bugs on our Launchpad site (help us make Entertainer better!).

I hope these instructions will help you enjoy Entertainer.