As an Entertainer Developer, I’m very proud to get our first big release out the door! 0.1 is the culmination of a lot of hard work over the past few weeks months.

It’s quite a feat to develop and release software and the effort was only made possible by the hard work of Jamie Bennett, Michael Charclo, Paul Hummer, Joshua Scotton, Lauri Taimila, and myself, our helpful bug reporters and alpha testers, and some great development tools like launchpad, bazaar, and pylint.

Since this is my first release experience as a part of an open source, community driven team, this code will probably be special to me, warts and all. I want to thank all the guys listed above for their help in making me a better developer and answering my (sometimes foolish) questions. I think we have a good community growing here and I’m looking forward to many more releases in the future.

Download the release here.

Entertainer Media Center 0.1